Puji & Marley’s Watercolor


Puji & Marley – A Watercolor

My cousin Puji (formerly Poogie) was one of the first people that I remember being inspired by. She is 15 years my senior, and totally cool, creative, awesome. She always had an edgy haircut and the coolest clothes. She was my artsy older cousin that I looked up to (she still is, and I still do).
When I was in grade school, she moved from Milwaukee out to Portland. I was bummed to see one of my favorite people move so far away, but we kept in touch via mail for a while. I was probably around 7 years old when she sent me this watercolor. It reads, “….Creative blessings for my artist friend Marley…. With love from your artist friend.. Poogie…”
I remember opening the envelope & seeing this awesome watercolor from my big cousin Poogie. First, I was shocked and honored that she qualified me as an Artist. Second, I was completely taken by the way the circles weren’t perfect circles. I had never realized before that moment that it was ‘okay’ to draw circles that weren’t perfect. They overlapped with each other, and the colors blended together in some spots. It was a huge turning point for me as an Artist.
Up until that point, I was a firm believer in ‘coloring inside the lines’. But I was looking at this perfect piece of art that broke all the rules, and I realized that maybe it’s okay to color outside the lines. Maybe it’s okay, and even important, to push the boundaries and create something wild and new.
This watercolor is now framed and has called 7 apartments in Madison home. It’s currently hanging in my entryway. I look at it every day when I leave my house, and I remember to color outside the lines.

One thought on “Puji & Marley’s Watercolor

  1. Mar! You will always be my fellow artist friend…..connected through color and creativity! Come back out to Portland so we can collaborate on some ceramics in my new studio! I love you!

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