Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why are you doing this? 

I’m a graduate student investigating the ways we connect with ourselves and each other. I think that the objects we care about are powerful tools for starting conversations we might not otherwise have. This is as much an exercise in self reflection as it is in finding fun ways to make strangers (and friends) feel less like strangers.

Q: Who can participate?

You! Anyone with an object and related story is welcome to share it. Tell your friends, your family, people on the bus, and email your story to:

Q: When do you need my story?

I want to hear your stories whenever you’d like to share. While I’d love to have your stories before I graduate in June 2017, this site is an open invitation, and I hope it continues beyond my time in school.

Q: When will you share my story online?

I’m trying to push out new stories on a regular basis and will put them up in the order I receive them.

Q: Do I have to share my name with my story?

Not at all! If you want to remain anonymous or have a pseudonym you’d like me to use, just let me know if the email. Also, if you want to share your story with me but would rather I not publish it online, I would still love to read it!

Q: What kind of photograph do you want?

I’m looking for something that captures your object and why it is important to you. Sometimes this is possible in one photo and sometimes you’ll need more to show the details. If you have questions about how to photograph your object, feel free to email me at

Q: I have an object I want to share, but don’t know where to start telling its story. Can I still participate? 

Yes! If you’d rather have a short interview about your object and let me write for you, tell me you’d like to set up some time to talk when you email me your object’s photograph. Interviews take about a half hour.