The Mug Club Card


Penguin Pizza was my old stomping ground during my undergraduate and graduate studies at Northeastern University. I had been there multiple times before I realized they had a mug club, and on October 13th, 2006 I started my journey. Immediately, I decided that I would date and number the order in which I tried the different beers. As time went on, the card would evolve into a little journal that gives a periodic snapshot of my life. 

It reminds me of all the times we stopped by after midterms and finals, complaining and revisiting questions on exams. It reminds me of all those times we studied as hard as we could just so we could stop by the “Igloo” on our bike ride home. Many emotions were had there. From excitement of new relationships, to reflections after breakups, and tears of joy over the slightest of gestures. 

There are some people on there that I have shared deep everlasting memories with, there are people on there that I still am very close to, and there are people on there that I don’t even remember (sadly). The first name gets a special nod, Ryan and I were roommates and he was my partner in arms when it came to Penguin Pizza. We started the journey together, we finished the list together, and we received our mugs together. They still hang on the wall today….

The most important thing is that despite having graduated 8 years ago, the journey continues. I have brought every student of mine that has been accepted to the Bouve School of Health Sciences to Penguin. We continue to create new memories, and they slowly but surely, fill out their own beer passports (that’s what they call it these days, I guess).



John blogged about his experience writing this story. Part of it is quoted below, but read the rest of John’s blog post here!

“This particular blog entry was inspired by my friend Rebecca. She asked me to send a photo of something that had sentimental value to me, and tell a story about it. For a week, I thought about what I would write about. I have all my race bibs, I have my race medals, I have my pint glass collection, I have my first carabiner, I have something that was given to me the day I was born.

Whilst rummaging through my race bibs (looking for Big Lake Half Marathon 2007), I stumbled onto my Penguin Pizza beer list and immediately knew that I was going to write about it. It’s funny that I keep a piece of paper that chronicles exactly when I had each beer. It’s really a 10 month journey that encompasses undergrad and grad school. From a Bachelors degree, to starting the Doctorate program. All the trials and tribulations throughout that period of my life. New friends, old friends, breakups, new loves, all of it is there. What an emotional journey…”


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