Powerful Forests


I have had this book for 16 years.

When I was eleven years old I discovered In the Forests of the Night and from this book discovered a new world and a passion that would shape my entire life. Before sixth grade I did not perform well in school. I had mediocre grades and was very behind in math and science. However, after discovering this book and falling in love with reading, with vampires, with fantasy–everything turned around. It was like reading books jump started my brain and helped me catch to my peers.

Since I was eleven I have probably read this book over 100 times. Forests led me to read so many more authors and explore so many more worlds, which in turn led me on the path that shaped my study and career. So–in the last 16 years I have explored the world around me through books, earned a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and a Master of Arts in Rhetoric Composition, and taught at multiple universities and colleges. I firmly believe if I had not discovered this book I would not be the person I am today.

Books are powerful. They shape worlds and shape people. This book shaped me and I just cannot imagine a day it doesn’t sit on my book shelf.


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