Mammee’s Engagement Ring

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The platinum and diamond ring has been in our family for 4 generations. It was my great-grandmother’s engagement ring.

She was married in 1902. She wore it until her death in 1959. It was passed to my grandmother who wore it until she passed in 1988. My own mother wore it from 1988 until she died in 1998. That’s when it was passed to me.

Besides being a beautiful piece of jewelry it represents the lives of the women who have worn it. The original owner was married until her husband passed away in 1937. She continued to wear it for 22 years. 

When I think of all that has transpired in each of our lives I am struck by the tenacity and will power we have possessed. When I look at it on my hand the memories of these women are easily revived and it brings a smile to my lips.

The last 3 of us have been divorced and not re-married. We have each worn it on our right hand but rarely taking it off like your wedding ring. 

The ring to me is a symbol of strength and a reminder that we never get where we are, alone. I reminds me that I can do things I never thought I could or would have to. I reminds me that I can stand alone now, because of those who wore it before me.

I have no daughters so I have to hope someday there will be a granddaughter I can pass it to on her 18th birthday. 

Until then I plan to wear it everyday and strive to be the person a granddaughter would be proud of.


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