Cindy Bear


This is my first teddy bear that I bought in U.S. As a foreigner, I got homesick at the beginning when I entered this unknown country and wanted to have company. Therefore I bought this bear and expected it would be big and soft and perfect for hugging… However, Cindy Bear is small, not that small but smaller than I imagined. I denied to hug him at the beginning but I needed something I can arm around. The funny thing is now he becomes the perfect size for me to hug. 🙂

这是我来美国后买的第一个熊宝宝,作为一个初来乍到的外国人,我对于陌生环境感到不安和害怕,想着可以买一个熊宝宝晚上可以抱着睡觉,最好是又大又软的那种……结果,当我拿到Cindy bear的时候我很失望,因为他跟我想的不一样:太小了。一开始我不太想抱着他睡觉,但奇妙的是,他现在是我觉得抱起来最舒服的熊宝宝了:)


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